Goddard Ranch History


The history of the Goddard Ranch is a true story of pioneers. It started in Vinotn, Iowa, where Rebecca King married Enoch Fox on July 5, 1878. Soon after the wedding they joined a caravan of 12 covered wagons and headed for Kansas and after many months settled in Graham County on 180 acres of land.
They lived in a dugout until Encoh built a home out of soft native rock 10 x 12 feet. They raised corn and started buying cattle. In 1886 they lost most of their cattle in a blizzard that lasted for three days and nights.

But they stayed on the land and soon started to farm more extensively to raise corn and wheat along with their cattle. Enoch and Rebecca had three children, Elmer, Myrtle and Katie. Katie Fox married Edward Goddard and they continued to increase and improve the land along with starting a purebred Hereford herd of cattle. In 1932 Edward Goddard built the two story limestone house which is still the home of Laurel and Mary Goddard.

The Goddard Ranch now boasts over 3000 acres of rolling prairie and timber land with creeks, ponds and an abundance of wild life. Laurel and his son John still farm and raise cattle in addition to buying and selling trucks and farm equipment. In 2000, Mary decided the ranch needed a guest house so people could enjoy the beauty and serenity of the prairie. Thus, Seven 2 Bar Adventures was born. The ranch has hosted people from Italy, Russia and from all over the United States. During hunting season, both cabins are available for hunters and we do our best to make all our guest feel at home.

Come and visit and see the living history for yourselves!

2nd Annual Freedom Hunters Spring

Turkey Hunt May14th - 17th, 2014

Wounded Servicemen participating (left to right) are: Doug Rosener, Bryan Baghley, Phillip Kitts, Corey Nixon, Mark Spencer and Michael Dundon.  Missing from the photo is Joe Fowler.

Miscellaneous Photos from Kansas Governor's Ringneck Classic Pheasant Hunt's and Wounded Soldier Turkey Hunts


Governor Brownback with Fort Riley Soldiers, guides and dogs, hunting on Goddard Ranch.

​​Seven 2 Bar Adventures

Mary with Fort Riley Soldiers Saturday morning before hunt. Proud to be with our Heroes.

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Laurel and Mary Goddard welcomes you to Goddard Ranch, the Paradise of Graham County, Kansas!  Seven 2 Bar offers activities throughout the year, from a weekend Cowboy to Upland and Deer hunting.  Click on the Menu for prices and packages.